The following information and regulations concerning use refer exclusively to the website of the [Federation of Migros Cooperatives]. Special regulations on other web pages of legal entities of the Migros Community remain expressly reserved. The information and regulations concerning use are subject to change at any time. Such changes are binding.

Intellectual property rights and other rights

The [Federation of Migros Cooperatives] is the owner and operator of this portal. All trademarks, names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials used thereon are the property of a legal entity of the Migros Community or a contracting party of the latter. The launching, downloading or copying of pages does not convey any rights whatsoever (rights of use, intellectual property rights, etc.). The (full or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or utilisation of the portal for public or commercial purposes is prohibited unless agreed in writing beforehand.

Exclusion of liability

The [Federation of Migros Cooperatives] does not accept any liability whatsoever (including negligence) that may arise as a result of access and/or if access to the portal or individual elements thereof is rendered impossible, and as a result of the utilisation thereof. No guarantee is given in respect of access to the portal and the use thereof, or in respect of the securing or archiving of transmitted data. The portal contains links to third-party websites. These sites are not operated or monitored by the [Federation of Migros Cooperatives]. The [Federation of Migros Cooperatives] does not accept any liability whatsoever for the content and compliance with legal provisions relating to data protection by the operators of linked sites.

Data transfer via Internet

The Internet is an open network that is accessible to anyone, and is therefore in principle not regarded as a secure environment. Although individual data packets are in principle transmitted in encrypted form, this does not apply to the sender and the receiver. Furthermore, it is possible for data to be transferred to another country which may have a lower level of data protection than Switzerland, even if sender and receiver are both located in Switzerland.
The [Federation of Migros Cooperatives] does not accept any liability for the security of data during the transmission thereof via the Internet.

Collection and application of information

Access to the portal involves the storage of various access data (e.g. IP address, date and time of access, name of the file launched, etc.).
Personal data is not analysed. Data are analysed anonymously for statistical purposes, for example to determine how many times the portal is accessed in one day.
These data are handled on a strictly confidential basis and are not passed on to any party outside the Migros Community or made accessible to other third parties unless this is required under the applicable law and in particular if so requested by the competent law enforcement authorities.
The right for any data to be processed by internal services and services of third-party providers, such as cookies or social plug-ins is expressly reserved (cf. following section).

Internal services and services of third-party providers, in particular Google Analytics and Facebook "I like"

This website uses services of the Migros Community, as well as services of third-party providers (together referred to below as "services"), in particular Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. and "I like" social plug-ins of Facebook Inc. (referred to below as "providers").
Such services collect information and can in particular use temporary or permanent so-called "Cookies", i.e. files (e.g. HTML or Flash Cookies), which are stored on your computer (some of them also after the end of the browser session), may possibly be relaunched on your next visits and which enable an analysis of website use and online behaviour.
The information generated by your utilisation of this website (including your online behaviour and your IP address) may be transferred to our servers or third-party servers in Switzerland or other countries, stored and processed there, and may if necessary be assigned to you personally.
The Migros Community and the providers can use these details for marketing purposes, i.e. in particular to analyse your use of the website, to compile reports about website activities for the Migros Community and to provide additional services connected with the use of the website and Internet use (e.g. displaying personalised advertising related to your interests). This information will also be transferred if necessary to additional third parties in Switzerland and other countries. Adequate legal protection of data may not be guaranteed in other countries.
Depending on the browser and installed software this data processing (in particular the installation of cookies) can only be restricted or prevented to a limited extent. You will find information about procedures for the administration of the corresponding data protection and storage settings on the website of your browser software and also, in certain cases, on the website of the manufacturer (e.g. for Flash cookies on the Adobe Systems website). By using this website, you confirm your agreement to the processing of data gathered about you as described above and for the purpose indicated above.

Own services and online functionalities

Downloading photos and posting images ("Gallery"/"Green Box")

The download photos function enables users of the website to download photos which they have created in the Green Box (photo function within the Pavilion), for personal re-use or to print and/or store them. As an additional option there is a facility to upload and post photos to the public Gallery on the website. Users give their explicit agreement to the posting each time and their agreement can be revoked at any time by contacting Personnel by e-mail ( re: photos).
By uploading images from the Green Box into the Gallery, visitors confirm their agreement to the following terms and conditions:
a) not to upload any images which breach the applicable laws and normal standards of social behaviour, i.e. visitors shall in particular not upload any images which are offensive, hurtful, sexist or racist;
b) only to upload images with the express consent of all person(s) pictured therein;
c) only to upload images for which the visitor holds all of the necessary rights for the intended use (in particular copyrights).
d) not to upload any images which contain obvious third-party advertising
e) that the FMC may, at any time and without giving reasons, delete images uploaded by visitors if there are important grounds for doing so (e.g. if requested to do so by third parties or in the event of any breach of these terms and conditions).

In addition, by uploading images, visitors grant the FMC in respect thereof the right, free of charge, non-exclusive, sub-licensable and unlimited in time, geographically and materially, for any existing or future methods of disposal and use, in particular the right to process, reproduce, draw attention to, dispose of, etc. contributions at its discretion.

Terms of use, archive

By using the archive, users confirm their agreement to the following terms: The archive is a free product offered by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Limmatstrasse 152, 8031 Zürich ("FMC").
Furthermore, the FMC does not in any way whatsoever guarantee that the content available in the archive is correct, complete or current. In particular the FMC does not guarantee that the content of the archive does not breach any third-party rights (e.g. copyrights, personal rights, etc.).
Insofar as legally permissible, the FMC does not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct loss or consequential damage arising from the use of the contents of the archive. Use of the content is only permitted if the source is properly indicated, e.g.
[Figure XY, etc.]: Archiv Oranger Garten,, © [year] Federation of Migros Cooperatives, all rights reserved.

Use of the content is only permitted for private use and for scientific/educational purposes. The prior written consent of the FMC is required for any additional use, in particular the exploitation of the content for payment (e.g. integration into a film for which a charge is made, exhibitions for which an entrance fee is charged, printing in books/magazines, etc. that are subject to a charge).

Downloading content from the archive ("handouts"). By downloading, you also grant the FMC the right, sub-licensable, non-exclusive and unlimited in time, geographically and materially, in respect of all content created by you in connection with the booklet (e.g. the editorial, selection of topics, etc.) to use this content for any existing or future methods of disposal and use, i.e. in particular and at its discretion to process, draw attention to, dispose of, etc. this content.

Terms of use, archive

The secure storage of personal data (e.g. in connection with subscriptions to newsletters) is guaranteed.

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