Plan Garten

Time Bower

Twenty milestones in the history of Migros from 1925 until today.


Retail Trade

Relationship stories. Authors and the RETAIL TRADE


Sound Meadow

How Migros sounds. Twittering. Noisy. Weeping. Jazzy. Happy.


Walk of Fame

Good. Better. The best. Migros own-brand production.

Walk Of Fame

Wir Brückenbauer

The most important basic food at Migros is called trust. Trust between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Wir Brückenbauer

Generation M

Promise to tomorrow's generation. Including swing of Manon. Drawings by Lisa, Maria and Karim.

Walk Of Fame


Nothing happens without them. Migros employees provide 118,108,314 hours of quality work a year.


Boss Stuff

“Success means: give, always give.”
View of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler


Migros Cosmos

Everyone talks about Migros in the singular. But it has already existed for a long time in the plural with many subsidiaries.


Right or Wrong?

Did they ever exist? Yellow taxis in Zurich at Migros prices.

Walk Of Fame


Interactive shopping in the past and present. On the SHELF OF HISTORY, everything is available. Where explorers get their money’s worth. On the MEDIA TABLE, visual stories pile up. Lights, camera, action! And you take on the leading role in your personal Migros story. PORTRAITS Iconic advertisements and promotional films from eight decades. FILM POOL Out and about with the Migros chicken, bear and Miggy. GARDEN VIEW

Migros Pavillon
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Plan Pavillon

Shelf Of History

Interactive Shopping in the past and the present. 120 drawers filled with audiovisual surprises, taken from the past 90 years of the Migros-Archive.

Regal der Geschichte

Film Pool

The most popular Migros commercials from 1962 to today. Old short movies, historic documentaries. Undisturbed enjoyment thanks to headphones.


Media Table

230 curated, forgotten and surprising Stories about consumation. Hundreds of historic pictures of advertisement posters, sales wagons, self service outlets, advertisements and much more. Interactive discoverable.


Green Box

I'm the photographer here: Seflies with Nanos, Hugo, Piggy & Co.

Walk Of Fame

Garden view

A view out of the Pavillon into the garden: animated Migros figures behave mischievously on their virtual tour.

Blick in den Garten

Face to Face

Migros employees talk about their own Migros history and their profession.

Walk Of Fame
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All this awaits you here:

The event and theme Islands

Why did Gottlieb Duttweiler found Migros? How did the small retailer develop into the current concern? Which Migros products and advertisements are iconic? What connects you personally with Migros? With 10 event and theme islands, you will experience everything about the Swiss company with all your senses – and leave behind traces of yourself with your own Migros story.

For all your senses:

The oranger garten

The planting scheme of the spacious gardens was conceived by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Whether summer or winter, spring or autumn, the colour orange dominates here throughout the 12 months of the year. The magnificent gardens are therefore well worth a visit at any time of year.

Stories from almost a century put together for you to experience:

The pavilion

The largest screen in Switzerland has a surface area of 6.5 × 3.3 metres, stands in the pavilion of the Oranger Garten and guarantees many audiovisual surprises. The pavilion also has countless interactive installations with the very latest technology, offering visitors the opportunity to be informed, entertained and inspired.